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We take responsibility for our actions, reflecting our core value – Integrity – in all we do

Reporting of misconduct is in line with our values and the LEO Code of Conduct and is important for us to continuously improve.

The LEO WhistleBlower Hotline is a voluntary alternative to other communication channels to make it possible to come forward and disclose unethical behaviour within LEO Pharma in a safe and confidential way.

Your willingness to come forward and report unethical behaviour is therefore important to us and we recommend employees and members of the boards, customers, suppliers, collaborators, business partners and others related to LEO Pharma to come forward with their concerns.

How to report?

Reporting is possible in multiple languages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by web as well as telephone.

A list of telephone numbers to the countries connected to the LEO WhistleBlower Hotline can be found here (PDF).

For web-reporting please use one of the following links:

Anonymous reporting is possible (subject to local law), however, reporters are encouraged to identify themselves as anonymous reporting may limit/prevent proper investigation of a reported concern.

What can be reported?

Serious concerns that could have an impact on the LEO Group or matters that could have a vital impact on an individual’s life, health and/or environment, such as:

  • Economic crimes such as bribery, fraud, money laundering, serious irregularities related to accounting/internal audit, forgery or any other corruptive actions.
  • Serious breach concerning environmental, health and/or safety issues that could have a vital impact on an individual’s life, health and/or environment.
  • Serious offences directed towards an employee, such as actual or threatened violence or sexual abuse.

The type of concerns that can be reported may be limited by specific local laws. If this is the case, such local laws apply.

Investigation and Handling of Data

Only a restricted group of people are involved in the investigation and have access to the reported concerns in the LEO WhistleBlower Hotline. An internal process has been established to ensure safe and confidential reporting in accordance with relevant data privacy requirements.

About the LEO WhistleBlower Hotline

The LEO WhistleBlower Hotline is managed together with a highly experienced external supplier, Navex Global, Inc. (Navex).

You can read more about Navex here